Mosaics from the Mind’s Eye

NEXT WORKSHOP will be scheduled Winter 2011 – please contact me if you would like to be informed!

This is an immersion-style 9-week course. Kinda like Rosetta Stone for your art.

Think of it like learning a new language. Your inner visions becomes more familiar the more you practice.

Course covers topics such as:

  • Why the mandala and circle are useful as ‘creative containers’
  • How to ‘think mosaics’
  • Technical approaches for mixed-media work
  • Exercises to foster your Mind’s Eye
  • Confronting the critical inner voice
  • Centering and calming the busy mind
  • Preparing an artists statement and exhibiting your work

Each student receives personal attention as the group comes together in a ‘journey to center’.  We form true bonds of friendship and support in the art-making process. Lillian has been teaching this course for five years and her students create some of the most memorable work we’ve seen.

$550 – 30 hour course over 9 weeks

9 sessions, 3-4 hours each.

Returning students welcome. Some materials included. Upon paid registration, materials and reading list supplied. Class is limited to 6 people.

Recommended for intermediate to advanced mosaic artists, with own tools and familiarity with materials.


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