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I’m happy you are enjoying this site and glad to share my content, and link pictures and quotes from my blog. 

HOWEVER – Please live-link back to the original content and credit as shown above.

If you PIN, SHARE, FACEBOOK, TUMBLR, use COPY or IMAGES please attribute the source.

and drop me a note if you would please, I like to know who is using the content here…

And Comping is usage!
This means you must ask permission from the artist before using an image for comping or presentation purposes.

If you are interested in re-posting an entire article PLEASE request permission first. I’d love to be a guest blogger for you.

Otherwise no part of this site may be reproduced into any form. Feel free to email me if you have any further questions.

All materials on “Lillian Sizemore’s Mind’s Eye” blog are the exclusive property of Lillian Sizemore, (unless otherwise stated).

all rights reserved.

Thank you!!

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