What is a Mandala?

what is a mandala

In Sanskrit, literally translated “manda”, means Mind or Essence, and “la” is Container.
What a concept: Mind Container…Essence Container…

Mandalas are contemplative tools for moving between the inner and outer experience — they serve as a link between worlds. They can be two-dimensional depictions of three-dimensional ideas, such as a temple, or mountain. When you look at or make a mandala, you resonate with the essence of your deepest self and the collective spirit. A common theme is a mandala’s transformative effect on consciousness. They help to restore a feeling of peace and calm, while imparting an innate understanding of the mysteries of the universe. We feel it unfold before our eyes and with each breath.

Mandalas are typically circular, and are frequently associated with Celtic and Tibetan art, but there are examples of them in nearly every culture. Over the centuries, they have attained great symbolic value combining the properties of science, art and nature.  Their powerful symbolism is found everywhere in modern life. Today, groups are forming online, dedicated to creating and studying mandalas from all over the world. My home page includes a curated list of dedicated mandala artists. – Lillian Sizemore


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