Awaken the Mind’s Eye

“Keep something beautiful in your Mind” —Pascal



I N N E R vision

a dream

a flash of P E R C E P T I O N



a knowing outside of evidence

Practice a sustained gentleness when accessing the Mind’s Eye.

Stay connected with your own experience and intuition.


Make A R T a priority in your life. Take time for observation, for breath, for curling in on yourself.

Get curious about the Symbols, Patterns, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, and Muses of your     M I N D.

relax and trust

Now is the time to foster and shape a new relationship with our world and our consciousness. Let’s begin to explore options and technologies for accessing this place of connection to the elemental.


Honor the Creative Spirit.

More visioning practices to stimulate the imagination~

Quotes, ideas, exercises from my Mind’s Eye Workshops

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8 Responses to “Awaken the Mind’s Eye”
  1. Phillip says:

    I am 35 years old and until 5 years ago had a very bright minds eyes and took this for granted as a part of physiology. Until I was met by a group of people that demanded I declare them as God.When I refused to do so, what seemed to be their leader chanted a long rhyming phrase and ever since, my minds eye has been in a state of darkness. I can’t think properly, my problem solving skills have dwindled and even my dreams are dark, not dark ad in evil but as in hard to see.Almost like I’m wearing sunglasses and mostly I’m not even myself in my dreams. There is so much more but too much to type.please help me with advice,practice or pointing me in the right direction.

    • sfmosaic says:

      Hello Phillip thanks for sharing your story – you can rebuild your mind’s eye and creative spirit – sounds like you were open then, and you can be again. You are giving this event in your life a lot of power…can you begin to see how you may not need this anymore? Send their energy back to them – let it go –
      burn it, wash it, chant it, dance it, away from you. Have you ever heard of soul retrieval? Perhaps there is something here that resonates for you?
      I hope you will soon see your vivid dreams again, they are waiting for you!
      peace to you.

  2. Deb says:

    I think this is one way of staying creative, even if my hand refuses to make images..

  3. M Bottaro says:

    When I once was asked what I found ultimately beautiful, I said, “The limbs of an olive tree moving with the wind.”
    Lately, mosaic has come knocking; your lecture at the Legion of Honor brought light to the opening.
    Thank you for your thoughts about sacred geometry and how it appears in the Lod Mosaic. I might have simply assumed “Noah’s Arc” before hearing your lecture, and would have satisfied myself by enjoying the lovely patterns. Your words validate the truly sacred beyond all shallow religiosity.

    • sfmosaic says:

      I am very moved by your comments so beautifully written. Thank you for posting. I’m very gratified to have been able to shed some light on your exploration with mosaics.

  4. W Elizondo says:

    “curling in on your self” I love this so much!

  5. sfmosaic says:

    Thanks for your comment, Ruth – Art literally saved your life? would love to hear your story. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Ruth Klein says:

    Lovely site, thank you.
    Please keep me posted.

    I live in NYC, just learned about the upcoming exhibit at the Rubin… SO exciting!

    And yes, art saves lives.
    Saved mine, literally.
    In Peace,

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