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“We wanted someone who would be able to open up the world of antiquity to museum visitors.  Lillian understood our needs immediately.  As her CV demonstrates, she has had extensive education in these ancient techniques.  She also has a sensitivity toward and understanding of ancient Mediterranean cultures. The evaluations for her courses were superlative. Every participant asked that we have her back again for more classes.” — Education Specialist for Adult and Academic Programming, Getty Villa

“The concept of mandalas in culture and nature was and is amazing.  I learned more than I even expected about the mosaic process and “rules” for cutting and creating a piece. — M. N. Carlsbad, CA

“Learning about tools and exercises to tap into my creativity gave me a space to be less critical of myself.” —N.C. Santa Clara, CA

“Lillian provides an environment that allows one to slow down and consider the aspects of art; the color, shape, perception, and emotional triggers.  Every session prepares you for great work with a brief but vital “brain massage.”  The freedom to create is supported by Lillian throughout your own process.  Take any class she offers.  You will be SO glad you did.’  — D.D., Redwood City, CA

“I don’t want our class to end – I am loving it so and really needed it at this time in my life, to be able to focus on art and intention. I’ve also really enjoyed our vibe in class and being with all these great women!” —N.K.,  Oakland, CA

“Great information, great handouts, great slides and history.” —A. P. San Francisco, CA

“It was the first time I really used art as an expression of something within. It was exciting! I really liked how the art itself weaved it’s way through our lives. —L.N. Berkeley, CA

“Sizemore manages a difficult art, to create a sense of community among her students while leaving time and space for them to do their own thing and work from their own comfort zones.” —A.M.W., Boise, ID

“What a fantastic teacher you are. You put so much into your classes as well as helping and guiding each student. — K. I. , Fort Collins, CO


“Just the right amount of time for each activity and we did not feel rushed. Lillian made everyone feel very comfortable.” —M.F, San Francisco, CA

“This class [Mind’s Eye] gives you the opportunity to explore your creativity, as well as giving technical expertise on mosaic art. Lillian is a caring, generous teacher. You will be so proud of the work you have accomplished in this class!  — K. N. Oakland, CA

The nurturing of the creative process and the tools to “stir the pot” made this an enormously satisfying experience for me. This is one of the very few times that I have created something I love…it all came together in your class.” —R.C. Foster City, CA

“Your class is way beyond my wildest expectations – so much is “bubbling up” regarding the mandala and just life in general. I can’t quite pinpoint what magic you’re brewing.”—J.A Berkeley, CA

“Mosaics from the Mind’s Eye is NOT New-Agey. It’s insightful, poetic and meaningful.” —N. K. Bay Area, CA

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