Begin by Looking Within



Dilemma: you WANT to make something, not knowing where or how to begin.

Begin, by looking within.

In yogic terms, this SPACIOUS GAZE is known as Drishti (pronounced: drish-ty). This is a point from where your concentration is directed inward.

When we begin to use our gaze or awareness as a metaphor for focusing consciousness toward a vision of oneness, the motivation for making art changes dramatically. Our fixation becomes less goal-oriented. The ideas come into sharper focus, oddly, the more we soften.

I sometimes instruct students to SQUINT at their work or mosaics. This allows a different way of seeing: tightening up the patterns and colors, softening the edges and pulling elements together to see “what’s next”.

The drishti technique is similar, but it also engages our mind to be free of expectation. It’s firing a different part of our brains.

You may have played the visual perception game called the Rubin Vase?


SOFTEN your GAZE at a central point on the design, one minute you see two profiles, the next it is a vase. Which one is the Truth?

Where our eyes are directed, our attention follows.

When creating

Be kind to yourself

Dive in

Soften the eyes

Work with a sense of boundless kinship

Give thanks

2 Responses to “Begin by Looking Within”
  1. Eileen says:

    I have just come from Yoga class and am trying to settle my day. I love that your blog showed up in my mail. I am certainly looking for my balance with creativity and all the other worldly things to deal with and do.

    I’ve been thinking about you and about showing my Mandala. Maybe selling it. It doesn’t live anywhere at my house, just on a shelf. But it feels like selling my family tree a bit. As an artist trying to figure out my art I look toward selling things but find that sometimes that can be difficult. I would love to chat about the ” art world” with you. It ‘s a funny thing to be in half time with my family constraints. It sort of makes me feel like a phoney.

    I have a couple of shows I want to submit work to. One is a mosaic show. Would love to be in the company of other artists but cannot take the time now. I have a mosaic wall commission that I am trying to find my way through and I will be taking to a trip to India in a couple weeks. I plan to see Nek chands garden. I remember you where there and brought back wonderful tasty cardamon cookies for us in class. What a great class you give . I remember feeling very inspired and supported.

    I enjoy your insights and energy. thank-you for your ever present inspiration.

    • sfmosaic says:

      Hi Eileen – what a wonderful post! So happy to hear about your art journey – a very honest report of the ups-downs-ins-outs of the process of creating. You will really like India.
      I will post a photo of your mandala so readers can share a visual of your amazing work. Thank you for your kind words about me and the class, i’m so honored that the experience still lives inside of you. And Hey Eileen – you’re no phoney! keep on keepin’ on !!

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