Divine Dissatisfaction

This inspiration appeared again today. Timely. Timeless. I want to share it with you: what MARTHA GRAHAM wrote to AGNES DE MILLE touches the deepest part of an artist’s life…

Pleiades-We are Stardust

A beautiful use of technology, dance, light, geometry = body+soul from the Japanese dance troupe, Enra. Pure MAGIC…

Particulate MATTER – new video slideshow

Video mosaic moments from recent Society of American Mosaic Artists exhibitions…

How To Cut a Proper Paper Snowflake [video]

Quick! What’s the most cost effective decoration ever? The Humble Paper Snowflake as deconstructed by Vi Hart.

Gino Severini Lecture Now Online

Video Presentation on “Gino Severini: Father of Modern Mosaic” at the BAMM Mosaic Forum, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, October 27 2012.

TEDxKaleidoscope: Harmony of the Human Body

TEDxSummit 2012 VIDEO trailer plays with the awesome perfection of the human body…

Venezia D’Oro, Golden City

Venezia: glimmering, golden light… a new VIDEO slideshow, takes you behind the scenes of artisanal mosaic foundries where golden dreams are made.

Mosaic Art NOW – magazine launch

Nancie Mills Pipgras, editor of Mosaic Art NOW has just launched her beautiful, new online magazine covering all the latest buzz from the ever-expanding universe of mosaics. I’m proud to be a contributing writer, and we are premiering my new video on the LOD MOSAIC here, which outlines my research on the hidden geometry of … Continue reading

LONDON: A Color Study

Is London a little blue? Or is it the eye of the beholder? While visiting during the last two weeks of August, post-riots, it was cool and rainy. I even had to buy a cheesy I <heart> London umbrella. I photographed what attracted me. While editing my photos I noticed a color theme emerging. Please … Continue reading

Piece by Piece: New Videos and Gala Event

I have posted new videos relating to my work with Piece by Piece. I hope you enjoy and please comment! They give a little behind-the-scenes peek into the making of the meander mural.