George Ehling Mosaic House

RARE VISIONARY ENVIRONMENT: George Ehling’s Mosaic House tours in Los Angeles and two exclusive essays due Spring 2015 by Lillian Sizemore @musiva


A round up of UNIQUE CERAMIC TILE spotted over the past several months. Mostly London, one from Paris, enjoy!

Gaudí: Early Pioneer of Art Therapy?

The Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí broke all the rules with his early 20th century visionary architecture, and a fascinating new study suggests he used a mental hospital as proving ground for his most noted masterworks. Many photos, read on…

Clay Expectations: Festival of Tile and Mosaic

I’m presenting at this event – here are Highlights of the presentations at Tile Heritage’s Clay Expectations

Mesmerizing Morocco

In Morocco, I was imbued with the vibrational quality of geometric pattern. Zellige (zillij) tile work is everywhere. Living, working, and worshiping in environments that are specifically designed to resonate with the divine light, literally changes your molecules…