Ringing the Rocks

Listen to this wonderful AUDIO story about STONE. “the beautiful tones of the quarry bells” from IntheDarkRadio.

Stone Soul Places

Encounters with heaven and earth. Why is one so affected by these soulful stones?

Bringing Mosaics to Life at Getty Villa

Artist-at-Work Demonstrations and POINT OF VIEW GALLERY TALKS at the fabulous GETTY VILLA in Malibu, California where I’ll bring the ART OF MOSAICS alive for the museum-going public.

Ancient Soul Mates?

A meeting of ancient futures has arrived. Consider this pair of images…

Roman Mosaic Class: Feb. 13 -14

The cornerstones of Roman decoration and technique, including various setting styles known as “opus”, andamento, figurative emblemas, and mind-blowing geometric patterns found in the architectural setting. Offered again April 10-11!

Getty Villa Inspirations

In November 2008,  I did artist-at-work demos and taught several mosaic workshops. (see previous posts). It was a fantastic! Over the course of five days, several hundred people came through the Education Court to learn about mosaics, watch me work, ask questions, and even try their hand at setting some tiles and the Hammer and … Continue reading

Getty Villa Mosaic Workshops

Ancient Stones in Modern Contexts
Public Mosaic Demonstrations: October 30 – Nov. 3, 2008
Mosaic Workshops: November 5, 6, 8, or 9, 2008
More Photos, Schedules and Descriptions here!