Stone Soul Places

Encounters with heaven and earth. Why is one so affected by these soulful stones?

Six Merry Mandala Gifts

SIX wonderful Gift Ideas to inspire the pattern-seekers in your life. It is a very good time to Raise the Vibration with a Mandala!

Connective Tissue: Woven Life by Marcus Fitzgibbons

Are you attracted? We vibrate in tune with this ethereal work, why?

TEDxKaleidoscope: Harmony of the Human Body

TEDxSummit 2012 VIDEO trailer plays with the awesome perfection of the human body…

Massive Mandala: Simon Beck’s Snowy Circles

Snowy Sacred Geometry of Simon Beck – who needs “Crops”? Sheer beauty….

Prime Time Patterns

“The Universe is made up of precise ratios and PATTERNS where everything and everyone is CONNECTED”, especially if you have a Television. See if you can tune in to this Vibration…

THE LOD MOSAIC: The Universe in a Floor

Ancient patterns at the foundation of science and technology?Lillian Sizemore discusses the Roman era Lod Mosaic in Chicago…

Perfect Pentagon

As I stopped to enjoyed the bright, trailing trumpet vines cascading over the fence, behold, garden geometry…

The Cosmic Royal Pavement

A grant from the Getty Foundation, put this 13th century Cosmati inlay pavement in tip-top shape for all the world to see.

Mesmerizing Morocco

In Morocco, I was imbued with the vibrational quality of geometric pattern. Zellige (zillij) tile work is everywhere. Living, working, and worshiping in environments that are specifically designed to resonate with the divine light, literally changes your molecules…