Divine Dissatisfaction

Photo by Barbara Morgan

This inspiration appeared again today. Timely. Timeless. I want to share it with you: what MARTHA GRAHAM wrote to AGNES DE MILLE touches the deepest part of an artist’s life…

Art Critiques: A Useful Guide

Baudelaire, 27" x 49" hibiscus, charcoal and acrylic on canvas 2006

A useful and clear outline for conducting a productive art critique by artist, Leigh Hyams (1926-2013)

Craving Color? New mosaic courses!


UPDATE: NEXT CLASS Sept. 29 -30 2012 Mark your calendar before time flies by >>> Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland CA Saturday and Sunday 10am – 4pm INTRODUCTION TO SMALTI with Instructor: Lillian Sizemore YOU can do it…BELIEVE it…ALL THIS BEAUTIFUL WORK is made by BEGINNERS! In this course, beginning to intermediate students will gain hands-on … Continue reading

Midcentury Mosaics Saved from the Wrecking Ball


How did Millard Sheets accomplish this massive 1958 mosaic installation? Who were the players? Read on for the backstory on a magnificent piece of American mosaic history and how it was recently rescued…

Connective Tissue: Woven Life by Marcus Fitzgibbons

11 header

Are you attracted? We vibrate in tune with this ethereal work, why?

Planning with Piece by Piece

At the beautiful Art Share building in downtown LA, Piece by Piece fosters future mosaic professionals, and I’m happy to help. Check out some great photos from my most recent workshop…

Creativity, Full Circle

Gathering around the circle to summon the creative muse is always a rich experience. Read a firey poem, ‘Soul Sailing’, which was a special introduction to my class ‘Mandala: the Yoga of Creativity’ held at Sacred Energy Arts Studio in Santa Monica. See more great photos and read the poem…

Alive Today

A little vibe from today’s group mandala drawing session at the studio…

Really BIG Circles

One of my favorite Circle Makers, Jim Denevan, has a circle drawing that can be seen from space. Have a look…

Killer Mandala App

Create your own perfect realm. It’s easy! No scary meditation required! click here to get started…