Piece by Piece: New Videos and Gala Event

I have posted new videos relating to my work with Piece by Piece. I hope you enjoy and please comment! They give a little behind-the-scenes peek into the making of the meander mural.

Part 2: Meandering with Piece by Piece

Picking up on the last post “Meandering with Piece by Piece: Part 1, we’ll see how artists in Los Angeles made the sinuous journey, one curve at a time, through four workshops on Greek and Roman borders.

Meandering with Piece by Piece: Part 1

The Greek Key: the ubiquitous brand of the ancient times. Is it the Abercrombie and Fitch or Versace of decorative elements? What do you think?

Planning with Piece by Piece

At the beautiful Art Share building in downtown LA, Piece by Piece fosters future mosaic professionals, and I’m happy to help. Check out some great photos from my most recent workshop…

Piece by Piece Puts It Together

A micro-finance program takes on LA’s urban poverty with glittering mosaics and Mind’s Eye mandalas!