London Wakes Up

As London turns it’s pale cheek toward the emerging Sun, a gallery of unlikely Urban Beauty. PHOTO Gallery

Stereogranimator – a vintage modern perspective

Vintage Views: Making vintage imagery accessible and fun, the Gittery GIFs from the New York Public Library

Mosaic Mad Men

Mosaic was all the rage in the mid-fifties. Editorial artist Karl Hubenthal illustrated the covers for Just One More using mosaics as reference!

LONDON: A Color Study

Is London a little blue? Or is it the eye of the beholder? While visiting during the last two weeks of August, post-riots, it was cool and rainy. I even had to buy a cheesy I <heart> London umbrella. I photographed what attracted me. While editing my photos I noticed a color theme emerging. Please … Continue reading

Sicilian Dreams

Here at the gateway of the year, may we strive to make good cheer…. enjoy the PHOTOS from SICILY