The Mandala of Listening

“Each person’s life is like a mandala- a vast, limitless circle.— Pema Chodron.
How do you find your center in this vast circle of Life? INSIDE: Tips on Deep Listening.

De-Stress with Mandala Drawing

Wherever I look I see mandalas, the circles of life…learn how drawing your own can help de-stress your day. Classes ongoing through December.

Mesmerizing Morocco

In Morocco, I was imbued with the vibrational quality of geometric pattern. Zellige (zillij) tile work is everywhere. Living, working, and worshiping in environments that are specifically designed to resonate with the divine light, literally changes your molecules…

New Year · New You ·

Making mandalas can restore a feeling of peace and calm, unveil mysteries of the universe…Join us for any of these upcoming classes…

New Mind’s Eye Class: Work with your Hands

“I felt like my mind was literally opened a little more each week”…

Magical Maps

Contemporary Mosaics – Big photos of the finished mandalas by students from my Mind’s Eye course.

Mosaics from the Mind’s Eye: Magical Maps

New Mandala Works from the Winter ’09 Session
Exhibition at Institute of Mosaic Art
Artists Reception JUNE 7, 3-6 PM

Mosaics from the Mind’s Eye at IMA

Winter Class of 2009 has graduated at Institute of Mosaic Art – Oakland
Exhibition coming this June! For more background on the class, read on…

“I consider your Mandala class to be one of the best results of beautiful mosaics of any class I have ever seen. You obviously inspire your students to great results.
— testimonial, Linda A., Bay Area