The Mandala of Listening

“Each person’s life is like a mandala- a vast, limitless circle.— Pema Chodron.
How do you find your center in this vast circle of Life? INSIDE: Tips on Deep Listening.

Power Passion Purpose Summer Solstice 2012

Originally posted on art that supports the healing process:
“Infinite Creativity” by P.C. Turczyn, available as museum quality, limited edition prints. See the Gallery page for further information. At this time of year, nature is at its peak of creativity and abundance.  On my walks over the past few days, I have encountered a deer…

De-Stress with Mandala Drawing

Wherever I look I see mandalas, the circles of life…learn how drawing your own can help de-stress your day. Classes ongoing through December.

Minding the Mountain Part 2

Great photos from our 15-mile trek around Mt. Tam – a ritual walk that has been taking place for over 40 years…

Spiral Weekend: March 20-21

Spirals speak to us. Learn more at Intro to Mandala Drawing. The following morning there is a Vernal Equinox spiral walk around Mt. Tamalpais, and offer my mandala spiral workshop as a “pre-walk” meditation.

Mandalas Among the Redwoods: March 13, 20

Join me Saturdays, MARCH 13 or 20 for mandala workshops and check out the creative, woodsy vibe at O’Hanlon Center for the Arts. It’s a magical spot ~a perfect setting for mandala making!

Minding the Mountain

It’s always a challenge to balance the demands of the day with time for quiet, creative brewing. Here, I offer some thoughts for working with The Mountain for grounding your creative practice or just for daily life…

Really BIG Circles

One of my favorite Circle Makers, Jim Denevan, has a circle drawing that can be seen from space. Have a look…

Mandala Mash-up

Hot Summer Exhibitions. Powerful Mandala Medicine Non-Stop Berkeley – NYC – London.
Please fasten your seat belts…We will be departing shortly.

Mandalas from the Minds Eye – Register today!

My popular mandala class is offered in a four-session workshop this summer in Long Beach. Click here to join us!