The Mandala of Listening

“Each person’s life is like a mandala- a vast, limitless circle.— Pema Chodron.
How do you find your center in this vast circle of Life? INSIDE: Tips on Deep Listening.

Six Merry Mandala Gifts

SIX wonderful Gift Ideas to inspire the pattern-seekers in your life. It is a very good time to Raise the Vibration with a Mandala!

Tony Orrico: Human Spirograph®

Tony Orrico channels Leonardo’s Vitruvian man and Hasbro’s Spirograph® – This is the nature of our human bodies, we are the original compass!

The Sacred Round: Mandalas 1926-1945

The Sacred Round: Mandalas by the Patients of Carl Jung, features 40 original mandalas created between 1926 and 1945. February 5 through May 6, 2012 at the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Royal Couple Make Mandalas in LA

Exit the bomb-sniffing dogs, enter Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the cosmic royal couple who, in sporting good form, donned aprons to create mandala drawings. Mandalas! Really!

Our True Teachers

My dogs were all curled up in this beautiful, cozy, Yin Yang way this morning. Yin Yang is the essence of nature, where everything is in a perpetual state of change, moving from one extreme to the other to create equilibrium or universal balance.

Monastic Mandalas: Hildegard von Bingen

A 12th-century multitasking, visionary nun receives spontaneous transmissions from the beyond, channels mystical illuminations, and sets the stage for today’s feminist and environmental movements. Now a major motion picture! See the mandalas and trailer here.

De-Stress with Mandala Drawing

Wherever I look I see mandalas, the circles of life…learn how drawing your own can help de-stress your day. Classes ongoing through December.

Spirograph Cartel

How could I resist a cute guy wearing a pop-art shirt, hawking rainbow spiral art and packs of colorful pens? In a word: Impossible.

Exquisite Mosaics July 20-Oct 1

I have two mosaic mandalas in this show: Contemporary Mosaic Art: an Exquisite Collection, now on view July 20 – Oct. 1 2010. Open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM, at the Concourse Gallery,
555 California Street, San Francisco, CA