Six Merry Mandala Gifts

SIX wonderful Gift Ideas to inspire the pattern-seekers in your life. It is a very good time to Raise the Vibration with a Mandala!

Tony Orrico: Human Spirograph®

Tony Orrico channels Leonardo’s Vitruvian man and Hasbro’s Spirograph® – This is the nature of our human bodies, we are the original compass!

Art of the Spirit: Mandalas

Last chance to enroll in Mandala Drawing classes for the year. Experience a deep connection with your spirit in the darkest days of winter. Join us!

De-Stress with Mandala Drawing

Wherever I look I see mandalas, the circles of life…learn how drawing your own can help de-stress your day. Classes ongoing through December.

Spiral Weekend: March 20-21

Spirals speak to us. Learn more at Intro to Mandala Drawing. The following morning there is a Vernal Equinox spiral walk around Mt. Tamalpais, and offer my mandala spiral workshop as a “pre-walk” meditation.

Mandalas Among the Redwoods: March 13, 20

Join me Saturdays, MARCH 13 or 20 for mandala workshops and check out the creative, woodsy vibe at O’Hanlon Center for the Arts. It’s a magical spot ~a perfect setting for mandala making!

Creativity, Full Circle

Gathering around the circle to summon the creative muse is always a rich experience. Read a firey poem, ‘Soul Sailing’, which was a special introduction to my class ‘Mandala: the Yoga of Creativity’ held at Sacred Energy Arts Studio in Santa Monica. See more great photos and read the poem…

Mandala: the yoga of creativity

Join us Wednesday evening February 3 in Santa Monica for mandala making at Sacred Energy Arts Center.

Alive Today

A little vibe from today’s group mandala drawing session at the studio…

New Year · New You ·

Making mandalas can restore a feeling of peace and calm, unveil mysteries of the universe…Join us for any of these upcoming classes…