Are Mosaics UNDERVALUED? What would you charge? What would you pay?


A round up of UNIQUE CERAMIC TILE spotted over the past several months. Mostly London, one from Paris, enjoy!

Josef Albers: Magic and Logic of Color

Josef Albers is the Artist’s definitive source for understanding Color.
Brain Pickings presents an excellent book review on 5oth anniversary of Albers’ “Interaction of Color”.

Bodies in Space Artist of the Month

Lillian Sizemore’s ancient spirit meets modern neuroscience, read the Bodies in Space interview here!

3-D Geometry Hits the Mainstream

Creative expressions of the Platonic solids in our modern world? It’s what I call the 3-D Meme…click to see more, go ahead, meme out…

Tony Orrico: Human Spirograph®

Tony Orrico channels Leonardo’s Vitruvian man and Hasbro’s Spirograph® – This is the nature of our human bodies, we are the original compass!

Talented Tessellari

Beginning mosaicisti test drive the foundations of geometric pattern and Roman stone mosaics…photos galore

Chain Link as Substrate

How does mosaic art’s ancient application gets usurped, morphed and mashed-up into other contemporary media? See how here…

Zeitgeist in the Round

Poker games, floating detritus, video feedback and graphic design…you do want to see this stuff…go ahead and click.

New Mind’s Eye Class: Work with your Hands

“I felt like my mind was literally opened a little more each week”…