Are Mosaics UNDERVALUED? What would you charge? What would you pay?

Modernist Mind’s Eye: Me and my Eichler

CA Modern magazine features my mosaic work in current Spring 2012 issue: Art Goes to Pieces: Countless tiny shards speak a language of their own as a new mosaic resurgence takes hold.

The Language of Mosaic: A Word from Our Muses

Recent travels reveal a contemporary art phenomenon – using words or letters —language— as the mosaic itself. Sounding off, I track the trend…with photos and video

Mosaic Mosh Pit: Off to Italy

Today, I travel to Italy. Why? Because it’s ALL Mosaics: ALL the Time. First stop: the international convergence of Glitterati convening in Ravenna, Italy, the treasure chest of mosaic on the highest order. 2011 BRINGS THE SECOND international biennial festival of CONTEMPORARY MOSAIC works, RAVENNA MOSAICO. A wealth of events extol the valor of mosaic beginning October … Continue reading

Intro to Smalti: A Field Report

Some great photos and re-cap from the January Smalti workshop. Next workshop is MAY 7-8 2011. Book your space early, the class is limited to 8 people, and the January class sold out weeks in advance.

Mid-Century Milano

Futurist glass mosaic in downtown Milano, a dynamic explosion of color, a throbbing abstract heart of love and angst.