London Wakes Up

As London turns it’s pale cheek toward the emerging Sun, a gallery of unlikely Urban Beauty. PHOTO Gallery

No Exit: Consumerist Mandalas of Gunilla Klingberg

Gunilla Klingberg’s large-scale consumerist mandala installations explore the “link between our public and private spheres, maybe even the collective unconscious”.

Six Merry Mandala Gifts

SIX wonderful Gift Ideas to inspire the pattern-seekers in your life. It is a very good time to Raise the Vibration with a Mandala!

Creativity, Full Circle

Gathering around the circle to summon the creative muse is always a rich experience. Read a firey poem, ‘Soul Sailing’, which was a special introduction to my class ‘Mandala: the Yoga of Creativity’ held at Sacred Energy Arts Studio in Santa Monica. See more great photos and read the poem…

Killer Mandala App

Create your own perfect realm. It’s easy! No scary meditation required! click here to get started…

Free Bird

Sarah Ann Greene’s intricate freehand mandalas mesmerize the eye. No tools, folks…

Zeitgeist in the Round

Poker games, floating detritus, video feedback and graphic design…you do want to see this stuff…go ahead and click.

Rubin Museum Rocks

Mandalas, Jung, and the Cosmos, my favorite things take up residence in this museum…

Mandala Mash-up

Hot Summer Exhibitions. Powerful Mandala Medicine Non-Stop Berkeley – NYC – London.
Please fasten your seat belts…We will be departing shortly.

Magical Maps

Contemporary Mosaics – Big photos of the finished mandalas by students from my Mind’s Eye course.