Stone Soul Places

Encounters with heaven and earth. Why is one so affected by these soulful stones?

Part 2: Meandering with Piece by Piece

Picking up on the last post “Meandering with Piece by Piece: Part 1, we’ll see how artists in Los Angeles made the sinuous journey, one curve at a time, through four workshops on Greek and Roman borders.

Meandering with Piece by Piece: Part 1

The Greek Key: the ubiquitous brand of the ancient times. Is it the Abercrombie and Fitch or Versace of decorative elements? What do you think?

Bringing Mosaics to Life at Getty Villa

Artist-at-Work Demonstrations and POINT OF VIEW GALLERY TALKS at the fabulous GETTY VILLA in Malibu, California where I’ll bring the ART OF MOSAICS alive for the museum-going public.

Ancient Soul Mates?

A meeting of ancient futures has arrived. Consider this pair of images…

Talented Tessellari

Beginning mosaicisti test drive the foundations of geometric pattern and Roman stone mosaics…photos galore

New Year · New You ·

Making mandalas can restore a feeling of peace and calm, unveil mysteries of the universe…Join us for any of these upcoming classes…

Gregangelo’s Egyptian Temple

What happens when you run away and join the circus…fer real.

MapQuest to Heaven

Not a new song by Led Zeppelin but the intricate inner GPS system of 13th century Japanese mandalas at the Met-NYC.

World Mosaics Lecture in Long Beach

My summer Southern California junket kicks off June 27th, with an international tour of fabulous mosaics. Many workshops will be offered in conjunction with ‘Tesserae: Art of Mosaic’ Exhibition.