Midcentury Mosaics Saved from the Wrecking Ball

How did Millard Sheets accomplish this massive 1958 mosaic installation? Who were the players? Read on for the backstory on a magnificent piece of American mosaic history and how it was recently rescued…

Treasure Hunt: Vintage Mosaics

Sometimes a girl just needs to clear her head  — and nothing refreshes like a good BROWSE around a vintage store… When in San Francisco’s Mission District, be sure to check out the new 17,000 square foot space called STUFF. Thanks to free parking, I took my sweet time and strolled through two floors of jam-packed … Continue reading

Mid-Century Mosaics of Pablo Picasso

Another intriguing mosaic mystery: Pablo Picasso, the Cote d’Azur in the 1950s, an enchanting young lover, and the case of the missing mosaics.

Mosaic Mad Men

Mosaic was all the rage in the mid-fifties. Editorial artist Karl Hubenthal illustrated the covers for Just One More using mosaics as reference!

Vintage Teen Mosaicists

wholesome fun  Sunset Magazine, circa 1968 Vinyl Linoleum was a popular mosaic medium in the 1960’s.  1960’s DIY Project  Who remembers Hi-Fi’s? Kinda like Wi-Fi but different.  HiFi stands for High Fidelity, as in Sound vibrating from vinyl records played with a needle…  Here’s a tricked-out cabinet for the  young Mosaicist.  Note Roman Theme,  a … Continue reading

Mid-Century Milano on MAN

Following a terrific article on Gino Severini published in the British mosaic journal, Andamento, Mosaic Art NOW has re-blogged both this, and my article that links Gino Severini to a dynamic 1950’s mosaic mural. Thanks to my trusty iPhone camera! and Thanks to Mosaic Art NOW!

Modernist Mind’s Eye: Me and my Eichler

CA Modern magazine features my mosaic work in current Spring 2012 issue: Art Goes to Pieces: Countless tiny shards speak a language of their own as a new mosaic resurgence takes hold.