Tesserae: The Art of Mosaics- Juror’s Statement

June 27 to August 6, 2009

Exhibit juried and curated by Lillian Sizemore

The medium of mosaic dates back more than 3000 years. “Tesserae” are the small pieces used to make up a mosaic—the tiny square bits that create the larger picture. The goal of this exhibition is to create dialogue between artists making mosaic in all types of media. The exhibition itself becomes the mosaic anchored in a contemporary spirit. Materials like asphalt, polymer clay, chiclets, and found objects adopt an ancient opus, while the more traditional materials of tile, smalti (glass) and stone are manipulated into gestalt moments of personal expression.

Working on a mosaic is at once painstaking and joyful. To master this medium can take a lifetime, and to carry out a work requires deep listening. In this exhibition we find the handiwork of both expert and novice reflecting our dreams, our joys, our love and loss. The human condition is revealed piece by piece, tessera by tessera.

Jurying this show was an intuitive process for me.  As I considered each piece, I continually returned to the bigger picture. Ideas emerged, connections clicked. I began to see themes reflecting the spirit of the times. The process was not so different than constructing a mosaic: you consider each piece, then find it’s place in the whole.

Increasingly, more people recognize that something within us demands to be expressed. Art serves this purpose, not only for the artist but also for the viewer. Putting one’s self in a position to be “judged” is a vulnerable place for most artists, and yet without the enthusiasm for this medium to be seen by a wider public, the cycle would be incomplete. Only when an audience contemplates the work, do we have evidence of creative connection. Mosaics continue to be a vibrant art form through which we share our timeless stories.
Enjoy the show.

— Lillian Sizemore, artist & educator

A special thanks to Cheryl Bennett and everyone at 2CC for the coordination of this exhibition, to Luz Mack-Durini and Dawn Mendelson for their inspiration and dedication, to all the mosaic artists who submitted their work for review and to everyone who visits the gallery.

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