London Wakes Up

“To Every Thing There is a Season”. I made this series of photographs with my iPhone as London turned it’s pale cheek toward the emerging Sun!  A few thoughts:

“Before I ever knew what an ‘art practice’ was, NATURE was teaching me about Beauty. As a child, I tried to make perfume from lilacs, I had forts tucked into the cattails, I smelled irises to conjure up grape bubble gum, I picked wild roses along the railroad tracks. As an Artist, Nature is my inspiration, my church, and my guide. One of my practices is intuitive observation and in the spirit of “the best camera is the one you have with you” this set of images came about during my wanderings in this vast metropolis during the quiet Spring holiday. Many people are vacationing elsewhere, away from the pressures of city life, dull concrete and cranes. Meanwhile, Nature makes her voice heard in unlikely alleys and along the city sidewalks, gently turning the circle of life with the colour, power and beauty of Rebirth.” 

Happy Spring, Happy Earth Day. Turn Turn Turn.  

Click on any image to open the gallery, and then you can click  <  > to view the portfolio.

Thanks for your comments and views! xo

8 Responses to “London Wakes Up”
  1. Karen Thompson says:

    thank you for allowing us to accompany you on your wanderings. you captured the essence of the turn of season, chilly and colorful. well done!

  2. Dianne S. says:

    Brilliant, Lillian! You have such an eye for great images. Love the splashes of color!

  3. lynnadamo says:

    Excellent collection of images, Lillian! “Abstraction” is my favorite because of the great color with the sculptural branches. I’m enjoying your journey.

    • sfmosaic says:

      thank you Lynn! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the journey. I appreciate YOUR keen eye for abstraction and honored to have your comment. That’s one of my favorite shots too, along with being fascinated by the embossed magnolia petals!

  4. mare chapman says:

    Oh Lillian – those are so beautiful and inspiring. I’m missing you, Need to connect. Hope you are doing well with everything!!! xoxo

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