Stone Soul Places

8 Sept. 2014
I have been having some wonderful STONE ENCOUNTERS since living in Great Britain this year, allowing me to have my first experience with the ancient stone circles. I have been in three circles now. I’m sorry to say that sometimes the vibration feels so low due to commercialisation and the apparent lack of sacred ritual that once venerated these special places,
and it seems they are feeling really lonely.
Still, I’ve had amazing experiences in these anima loci – or soul places. It is humbling to consider the massive physical effort that was obviously involved, and to discover that still, after many thousands of years, theses stones remain
vessels for spirit.
In Scotland this spring, near my first stone circle, (above) I had the clear sense
that processions of thousands of ancient people had been leaving rocks
as part of the pilgrimage to visit their ancestors as they convened for solstice and seasonal rituals
at the nearby stone circles, producing the tall burial mounds or cairns.
kilmartin cairn
The following day, while visiting a medieval church,
I noted at the entrance, a table with small stone offerings.
Somehow the tradition of a prayer stone had managed to make its way,
however small,
into the Christian tradition today.

In Avebury in July…

I was hugging a very large stone,
warmed from the evening sun, and it actually smelled SO GOOD
Who could imagine that a stone could smell so soft and sweet? photo: Andy Patrick

Who could imagine that a stone could smell so soft and sweet?
photo: P.A.Patrick

About a week later, at Castlerigg in the Lake District,

a little girl about 5 years old ran up to me out of the blue, she seemed to know me.
She started touching my hair and neck and playing with me as I sat on a low rock.
castlerigg fairy
She didn’t speak English, so we couldn’t communicate with words, so we just sat together.
It felt very relaxed and familiar.
Her name was Matilde, I learned later as her father called for her in French from across the circle.
It’s amazing my friend Linda was able to capture this little fairy encounter!
I’m here to explore and write about gnosis, the inner knowing
To listen deeply.
Lill in Avebury
At the ancient Jurassic coast, every step produced a clear, high tone of the ringing stones…
I’m awed by the delicate balance of life, how the power of a rushing waterfall doesn’t disturb the stillness of stone
Rock balance by my husband, Andy Patrick

Rock balance P.A. Patrick

I’m captivated by exquisite, thoughtful stone walls that echo the landscape to caress and embrace history.
lake district
Where crossing over into an intuitive knowing is precise and possible, surprising and pleasurable…
dreamy passage
and there, my heart expands, washed up on a beach of pure love…
heartstone oban
Further reading
Celtic Sacred Landscapes, Nigel Pennick
Time Stands Still: New Light on Megalithic Science, Keith Critchlow
From the Wooden Book series: Avebury, Stonehenge, Rock Art, Leys, and more
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23 Responses to “Stone Soul Places”
  1. eightsails says:

    Love this post, Lilly..

  2. Judy says:

    wonderful Lillian…funny how stones can so pull you in. Eons before I was a mosaicist I would pick up stones. I have jackets that carry an odd stone in its pocket for years and then I have no idea where I had even found it or why I carried it.
    Be careful at stone henges…you may go back 200 years like “The Outlander”!!!

  3. Dianne S. says:

    Just wonderful, Lillian! Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve enjoyed discovering what I can learn and experience from stone.

  4. SilviaEsEst says:


  5. Pamela Goode says:

    This is fabulously lovely — the words, the images, and the emotions.

  6. Luz says:

    Thanks for sharing this lovely stone adventure

  7. arniadler says:

    Lovely, Lillian! How cool that this is part of your life. Beautiful work, words, pics, and sentiment. Best to you, Arni

  8. dapizzamon says:

    Lil, coincidence maybe that as you are there, just as news released that Stonehenge is a far larger complex than ever thought before. Please hug a “stone” for me if you are still there. I will try to be still enough to feel it through you.
    Love Ya
    pizza mon

  9. KK says:

    Perfect! Thank you. Ancient, knowing, patient — while our lives go by in a wink!

  10. Karen Silton says:

    Hi Lillian! Cool to think about stones having a soul, spirit, scent, emotions! Photos are enchanting too! Thanks so much–hope our paths cross again! Blessings–Karen

  11. Yolanda says:

    Thank you for all the smiles, the Heart stone on the beach says it all! Yolanda

  12. Tim McMullen says:

    Lovely visual travelogue. You rock (pun intended).

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