Radio Story on the Petroleum Club Mural

My investigation about a mystery mosaic found behind old paneling in a storage unit at the old Wilshire Grand Hotel, (published for Mosaic Art NOW) got picked up by a number of architectural and modernist LA-centric blogs. Kevin Ferguson, Producer of “Off Ramp” for KPCC Radio in Pasadena did a great radio interview with Greg Johnson and I about the find. Listen in on the interesting backstory!

READ Kevin’s article here:

LISTEN : 4 min. 12 sec.

The radioshow appears to have shook loose another John Smith Mural, and we’re still investigating.

Stay Tuned.

Do you know of an artist named John Smith who was active in the LA modernist movement in the 1950-60s? He was known for tapestry and mosaic artworks. Please contact me.

UPDATE: April 16, 2013: my story got picked up on BOING BOING too. the most popular blog on the planet.

1950s Los Angeles Petroleum Mosaic in Greg Andrews home. photo: Kevin Ferguson/KPCC

1950s Los Angeles Petroleum Mosaic in Greg Johnson home. photo: Kevin Ferguson/KPCC

One Response to “Radio Story on the Petroleum Club Mural”
  1. Miss Marble rocks! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve unearthed now. Keep us informed!

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