How To Cut a Proper Paper Snowflake [video]

Tis the Season, and who couldn’t use a crash course on cutting the perfect paper snowflake?

I’m a geometry geek with a deficit in the calculation department, so I’m a big fan of Vi Hart. Her smart, snappy, creative take on geometry and mathematics is my kind of learning. Her unorthodox approach has taken off in a virtual wildfire, and now she’s a full-time ‘mathemusician’ with the Kahn Academy, the leaders in online math education.

Watch the 4 min. video then grab some scissors and awe your neighbors…Pay attention class, she’s on a roll!

Infinite possibility!


5 Responses to “How To Cut a Proper Paper Snowflake [video]”
  1. My brain hurts just watching. I’m sticking with construction paper chains . . . .

  2. What a lovely variation on a classic!

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