Midcentury Mosaics Saved from the Wrecking Ball

I’m thrilled to link you to this well-researched and engaging reportage by Christina Geyer, managing editor for FD LUXE magazine. She tracks the restoration and rescue process of the 1950’s Mercantile Bank mosaics designed by Millard Sheets, bringing us  behind-the-scenes action on one of the most important mosaic restorations of our time. In 2005 when it looked like the buildings were slated to be destroyed, I advocated for the Sheets restoration in another Dallas News article by Steve Brown.  I’ve been researching the American mosaic muralist movement for years and was able to offer the writer a historial perspective on how the original mosaic-making— a monumental undertaking— was accomplished. I’m quoted toward the end of the article. Over 70 mosaic works have been saved and restored and will move to the Joule Dallas Hotel this fall (slated for Sept. 2012 opening).

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Originally published in FD LUXE magazine, July 27 2012



In a bold (and costly) stroke of preservation, oil tycoon and hotelier Tim Headington — backed by an unlikely team of architects and politicians, and one spirited art conservator — rescues some of the country’s most impressive large-scale mosaic works….

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How midcentury mosaics were saved, weeks from the wrecking ball.


Fashionable Banking – Note the Mosaic Medallions mounted on the walls.

Photos are courtesy DallasNews. Please see the article for the full slideshow. Excellent photos bring the process to life.

3 Responses to “Midcentury Mosaics Saved from the Wrecking Ball”
  1. Sonia King says:

    Thank you so much, Lillian, for your part in saving these mosaics. This was my family’s bank when I was growing up in Dallas and I remember them so well. My mom, Sherri, was creating mosaics in the 50’s and 60’s and we’d always stop to look and touch when we went downtown to the bank. Bravo to everyone involved in the project.

    • sfmosaic says:

      Hi Sonia- how wonderful it must have been to use this beautiful bank on a regular basis. You must be thrilled to know the old mosaics will be on view again when the Joule opens! We will have to meet there for a pink drink to celebrate the restoration! 🙂

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