Vintage Teen Mosaicists

wholesome fun 

Sunset Magazine, circa 1968

Vinyl Linoleum was a popular mosaic medium in the 1960’s.

 1960’s DIY Project 

Who remembers Hi-Fi’s? Kinda like Wi-Fi but different.  HiFi stands for High Fidelity, as in Sound vibrating from vinyl records played with a needle…  Here’s a tricked-out cabinet for the  young Mosaicist.  Note Roman Theme,  a nod to the ancient roots of mosaics, carried out in snipped up vinyl linoleum.

Do any of you readers have memories of making DIY projects like this?

2 Responses to “Vintage Teen Mosaicists”
  1. Pam Givens says:

    Hi Lilian, I love this post about the teen mosaics. Thanks.

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