Modernist Mind’s Eye: Me and my Eichler

I live in a 1963 Eichler home designed by Claude Oakland. These modernist suburban residences are known for open floor plans featuring plenty of glass sliding doors and atriums, and the indoor-outdoor feel makes living with nature, well, natural.

"Diamond Heart" in the kitchen - photos by David Toerge

The home makes a perfect gallery for my mosaic mandalas, where the play of light is ever changing,

“Sizemore says, ‘The elements catch the light. They throw light in completely different ways than paint would. Some material reflects light, some absorbs light. You have a syncopated kind of surface that is a wholly different language than painting.”

"Vibe" in the foreground, with "Vox" behind, in the main hallway.

I was interviewed for an article in the Spring 2012 issue of CA Modern magazine about my artwork and contributed a good deal of scholarship on many of the mid-century mosaics mentioned by the writer, including furnishing photos of the little known works by Anthony Stellon. Read the article by Dave Weinstein, published on the Eichler Network HERE.

The last page of the article includes a section of California mosaics to visit  and  a link to my mosaic guide book: A Guide to Mosaic Sites: San Francisco

"Guilloche Fragment" hangs above the fireplace, with a vintage 1960's sample from the Anthony Stellon studio.

There is also a new film about Eichler architecture in process, by Monique Lombardelli. You can watch the trailer below, it features some of my neighbors!

(P.S. no, Steve Jobs didn’t grow up in an Eichler, but his business partner Steve Wozniak, did. Research Trumps Rumor)

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