World Happy Day, and Thank You for the Inspiration

Thanks Marina Chetner for mentioning my blog today on  what appears to be “World Happy Day”  –

I wasn’t aware of this holiday and I’m all for it!

She was inspired by my post on Gaudí,


I report on his work as an early pioneer of using mosaic art in a therapeutic setting.

Well, back ‘atcha Marina!  I always enjoy Marina’s  inspired and enthusiastic travelogs – her posts are like stepping out of the computer screen and on to the streets!

Click below to meet Marina, and a few more inspired bloggers:

World Happy Day, and Thank You for the Inspiration.

Here are a few simple pleasures that make me H A P P Y !!

Banana seats and sissy bars!

Smilin' pups!


Friends in costumes!

Little boys playing with a spot of light in a Oaxaca market!

Painting mandalas!

Ice cream on a sultry night!


What makes you happy? What heals your soul?

2 Responses to “World Happy Day, and Thank You for the Inspiration”
  1. Wonderful post! I am so glad that World Happy day inspired you to show a selection of your happy moments. I am so glad to have come across your blog and the post on Mosaics and Gaudi. Enjoy the weekend!

    • sfmosaic says:

      Likewise Marina! thanks for sharing your inspiration and observations and hope you’ll keep coming back to read more! Here’s to more travels and happy moments~

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