Prime Time Patterns

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7,080,360,000 people.  And only a few of us can see the connections.

Today, we’ll send over 300 billion emails, and 19 billion text messages. 

Yet we’ll still feel alone. 

“The Universe is made up of precise ratios and PATTERNS…

where everything and everyone is CONNECTED…”

“A quantum entanglement of CAUSE and EFFECT,

where everything and everyone reflects on each other…


“There are those among us, mostly kids, whose sole purpose is to act as

air traffic controllers for that INNER CONNECTIVITY. 

Imagine the unspeakable BEAUTY of the universe they see!”

These quotes are from the pilot episode of the new television series, TOUCH, which premiered Wednesday night. Really? Sacred GEOMETRY — ON FOX? Now here’s some prime time TV I can relate to.

The show centers around an 11-year-old non-verbal savant, Jake, who can tell the future through pattern and number sequences. He’s obsessed with mobile phones and climbing cell towers. His father, Martin, played by Keifer Sutherland, in another breathless Jack Bauer-esque role, is trying his best to relate and connect with the boy, or have his kid taken away by child protective services. (Backstory: Mom was killed in 9-11.)

Danny Glover plays “Teller,” a quirky professor who serves as Martin’s advisor and the voice of Infinite Wisdom. He explains the Universal Codes, Fibonacci numbersElectromagnetic Energy, and he definitely gets the best lines. (See Above.)

Dad’s task is to understand Jacob’s mysterious clues that lead to saving people’s lives through a series of global connections via cell phone connectivity dialing up Jumbotrons in Tokyo to suicide bombs in Afghanistan. —Whew!

OK, the show may be a trite sensationalized, but it’s hard to diss’ programming with a sense of urgency around global unity and connection.

I found it ironic that the show’s main commercial sponsor is not a telephony powerhouse like T-Mobile or Verizon, but seriously – an Antiperspirant!  Indeed.

I guess all those white-knuckled sacred geometry moments call for Extra Protection.

The show kicks off in March.

Have you seen the pilot? What did you think?


I have written MANY posts about GEOMETRY and PATTERN on this blog, start HERE  or use search feature.

What is Sacred Geometry anyway? HERE,  – thanks Wikipedia, we love you.

Heroes creator Tim Kring’s Official “TOUCH” site, with trailer HERE

Excellent discussion about autism and the boy’s character in the show HERE


6 Responses to “Prime Time Patterns”
  1. Colleen Sands says:

    One can view the 1st episode on

    • sfmosaic says:

      thanks Colleen! it was a real nail-biter wasn’t it?

      • cam says:

        just watched it on fox’s website. excellent! love to see all the geometry and concepts broadcasted on prime time television. i’v always said the revolution will not be televised but i think this show just proved me wrong.

      • sfmosaic says:

        thanks cam, glad you caught it online. I watched it again last night, and really wondering what the next episodes will hold; if it will become trite or develop into something more thoughtful, or as you suggest, revolutionary…

  2. Martin says:

    Hi, Lillian. I’ve been following your blog since we met briefly at the Legion of Honor (during the Lod Mosiac show). After reading your posts, which I quite enjoy, this latest entry has me wondering: what are your thoughts on Fate?

    • sfmosaic says:

      hmmm. big topic Martin. Well, i’d say I’m intrigued with the notion of synchronicity. Is that fate? stepping into a flow of circumstances over which we have choice, to act or not act. Especially as an artist, i feel intuition has some part to play here. There is so much we can not see or explain, but we can feel it. There is the adage, ‘Inspiration can come,but it must find you working‘. so it was in the TV show…the Father had to trust his son and look for the clues, had he not, people would have died. Trust, as in encouragement to grow.

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