Hand Made

Send a vibration of loving intention from your mind through your heart and into your hands.

This is the essential seed of life. This is the momentum of creation.
You are shaping things to come.

‘Dad’ by Erin Rogers, 24″ diameter mosaic mandala made in ‘Mosaics from the Mind’s Eye‘ course, 2006

Weave, write, garden, chop, stir, knit, knot, knead, sew, set, carve, dig, stack, fold, …

Simple actions we take for granted, can lead to a more connected moment with your inner spirit and all the other beings in the world who are doing, or have done, these same mundane tasks, just like you…

Can we talk about the brain for a moment? Did you know that when doing something repetitive and non-emotional, neurotransmitters or hormones, are released that make you feel better? So when you are having a bad day, or perhaps starting toward the spiral of depression or anger – go rake some leaves, or pick some corn, or sweep the sidewalk, or set a mosaic, or alphabetize the spice drawer. You will feel better, and things will look and feel different in a very short time. Not only are you better from a neurological perspective, but there is the bonus thing called “a sense of accomplishment”.

I do believe that people are becoming so attracted to mosaics for this very reason. It is one of those mediums that calms immediately, due to the repetitive, concentrated focus required. It is also the deep resonance of working with pattern, it gives chaos a sort of order.

Now is the time to create with your hands –
We need this energy in the world now.
pure intention. pure instinct.

Give thanks for your hands and what they create for you today, and every day.

4 Responses to “Hand Made”
  1. Kathy K. says:

    This is so inspiring! I like it more every time I read it. Thank you!

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