Mosaic Mosh Pit: Off to Italy

Luca Barberini (Italy) Folla (Crowd) 250W x 120H cm, Glass smalti and marble.

Today, I travel to Italy. Why? Because it’s ALL Mosaics: ALL the Time. First stop: the international convergence of Glitterati convening in Ravenna, Italy, the treasure chest of mosaic on the highest order. 2011 BRINGS THE SECOND international biennial festival of CONTEMPORARY MOSAIC works, RAVENNA MOSAICO. A wealth of events extol the valor of mosaic beginning October … Continue reading

Mosaic Conference

Mosaics in America are changing. Experimental mosaics are filtering through our nervous system. I attended the Society for American Mosaic Artists annual conference in San Diego last week. I came away very impressed with the level and quality of work….lots of photos.


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