One Dodecahedron or Two?

Why I might start taking sugar in my coffee…

Pleiades-We are Stardust

Japanese dance troupe Enra

A beautiful use of technology, dance, light, geometry = body+soul from the Japanese dance troupe, Enra. Pure MAGIC…

No Exit: Consumerist Mandalas of Gunilla Klingberg

Gunilla Klingberg, Wheel of Everyday Life, 31 January - 17 March 2013. Commission, Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, Texas. Photo: Nash Baker © Via

Gunilla Klingberg’s large-scale consumerist mandala installations explore the “link between our public and private spheres, maybe even the collective unconscious”.

How To Cut a Proper Paper Snowflake [video]


Quick! What’s the most cost effective decoration ever? The Humble Paper Snowflake as deconstructed by Vi Hart.

Six Merry Mandala Gifts

Mandala Coloring Books for young and old by Susanne Fincher

SIX wonderful Gift Ideas to inspire the pattern-seekers in your life. It is a very good time to Raise the Vibration with a Mandala!

Barcelona Does it Better


Apple Store BCN + Gaudí = Excellent MOSAICITUDE !

Connective Tissue: Woven Life by Marcus Fitzgibbons

11 header

Are you attracted? We vibrate in tune with this ethereal work, why?

TEDxKaleidoscope: Harmony of the Human Body


TEDxSummit 2012 VIDEO trailer plays with the awesome perfection of the human body…

3-D Geometry Hits the Mainstream


Creative expressions of the Platonic solids in our modern world? It’s what I call the 3-D Meme…click to see more, go ahead, meme out…

Mosaic Art NOW – magazine launch


Nancie Mills Pipgras, editor of Mosaic Art NOW has just launched her beautiful, new online magazine covering all the latest buzz from the ever-expanding universe of mosaics. I’m proud to be a contributing writer, and we are premiering my new video on the LOD MOSAIC here, which outlines my research on the hidden geometry of … Continue reading


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