One More Whale Makes a Splash at Field Museum

Whale-Lod - 4

I’m heading to Chicago for  ‘Natural Wonders: A Roman Mosaic from Lod Israel’, opening this Friday  Dec. 9 at the Field Museum. Now at it’s 3rd US tour venue, the Lod Mosaic coincides this time with another major exhibition at the museum ‘Whales: Giants of the Deep’.  These exhibits take advantage of The Field’s rich, natural … Continue reading

Something’s Fishy: Man-Eating Grouper?

Detail from Lower Fish Panel of Lod Mosaic. Photo by Author

Ancient mosaics are truly an art for mankind. A recent scientific study uses hundreds of Etruscan, Greek, and Roman artworks to challenge assumptions about evolutionary biology! Lillian offers new insights on the LOD MOSAIC and The Seafood Lover in You…


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